Gardening for a Healthier and Happier Life

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gardeningIt’s not state secret when people say that their homes is one of their greatest and most expensive investments. Personally, I can attest to that, not just because my wife and I saved for many, many years to build our home, but because I spent many hours, of working on our home, specifically, the garden. Working in the corporate world for almost twenty years now, there are times when I’d want a different and calming routine compared to what I do every single day. And the answer to my simple problem was gardening. 

There are many health benefits of gardening, and they are both psychological and physical. Since most of the time I’m sitting in my office or driving my car, I’m not able to use my whole body. But in gardening, one should really stand up and work to water the plants and the whole lawn, to plant seedlings, and to rearrange pots. Unconsciously, my bones and joints were strengthened, my blood pressure decreased, and my balance improved. But not only these made me love the time I spend in gardening. 

Looking at the flowers budding and the trees growing was actually calming and relieving for me. Just viewing my garden made me happy and relaxed; it improved my mood every day. This hobby of mine also forced me to slow down and digest everything that surrounds me. It has connected me to nature and the flow of life; it made appreciate simple joys. Though this activity was mentally and physically beneficial, I had to say good bye to my favourite pet project because of time constraints, and my lack of energy and strength to stay under the sun for hours, carry heavy tools, and bend for a few minutes. But I still wanted to maintain my lawns, so I decided to look for a friendly gardener in Geelong

Since I am a keen gardener, I wanted to make sure that the new hands that’ll be working and maintaining my lawns and plants has a green thumb and a knack for beautiful and therapeutic plants and landscapes. I am grateful that the one I hired easily understood how I style my the overall look of my garden. We had good communication – we both listened to each others’ suggestions, agreed and followed our payment terms, and provided realistic ideas for my house’s garden design. 

Initially, I needed time to convince myself that I needed the help of a professional and experienced gardener, since I knew I did a great job in our yards.  Plus, it will be added to our list of expenses, so I knew that looking for an excellent worker for an affordable price requires skill and a stroke of luck. But in the end, my gardener was able to do more than what I asked and hoped for. 

When it comes to maintenance, I have to admit that had worked faster and better since he had more efficient tools and implements. Whether it was lawn cutting, hedge shearing, patio and driveway clearing, he was able to accomplish all those for a shorter period of time. Not only did they removed towering and obstructive covers, but they cleaned the pavement, driveways, even the windows and doors. They knew how to properly dispose leaves, fallen branches, and grass clippings. Likewise, he was able to control then stop the growth of weeds, which I was unable to do since bending over for minutes causes my back to suffer. 

Pests and other unwanted organisms was finally removed from my list of problems as well. They had chemicals potent enough to ward off those that were destroying the fruits of my hard work. Truly, they were experts and they knew the best ways to take care for the plants. I was fascinated that they can tell the perfect time when the fertilizer should be placed, also what plants and trees can thrive in my back and front yard. 

Other than this, my gardener introduced me and family to composting and organic gardening. Little did we know that our kitchen and garden waste can be turned into fertilizers. And when our gardener managed to compile a few buckets of fertilizer, he advised us to allocate a small space for vegetable planting. In a few weeks, we could already see rich greens and strings of beans growing in our backyard. I was able to save a few bucks on groceries and next thing we knew, our pantry was filled with jars of tomatoes, beans, and spices. I was definitely satisfied and happy of my decision to hire a professional gardener. 

Gardening did healthily affect my body, my mindset, and my mood, but little did I know that asking help from an expert can be more rewarding. The gardening service did more than just giving me and my family a pleasant view; it gave us more quality family time, more energy to do the other errands, and more savings as our garden provided us with food. And all of these made me happier and healthier. 

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