Maximizing the Power of Social Media for Business

Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Social Media | Comments Off on Maximizing the Power of Social Media for Business

social mediaIn this technology-driven world, everyone is connected to the internet. Almost everything is posted, shared, and uploaded online and they are all for public viewing. Billions of people worldwide are logged into their social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and so many more. And it’s time to admit it – social media is a game changer. Countless business, whether big or small, are taking the many advantages social media has to offer.

At first, connectivity and communication were the main reasons why individuals created accounts and profiles. It is the quickest and most reliable way of talking to others and distance is no longer seem a problem. It’s faster to send things and information, plus, there is no limit to what one can share or deliver Social media has become an avenue for business to more networking opportunities and new marketing strategies. It has also allowed a broader reach for more patrons; likewise, it can target distinct age, culture, and interest groups. Entrepreneurs, especially those who just recently stepped into this domain, rejoice in social media’s presence because most of them are free of charge. If one wishes on having a few add-ons or widgets, it only takes a few bucks to acquire them. Maintaining business through them are generally low-cost. Of course one should at least have a little exposure and enough knowledge regarding these media platforms to easily maneuver their ventures online.

Having a successful business through these channels will be most effective with these few guidelines:

  1. Take time to plan.

Liking any other business created or maintained, it is important to undergo proper planning. Though setting up the sites require less physical strength and hours for construction, no less attention should be given. Planning ahead is measure to keep one’s enterprise up and running. Thinking of the platform used is also important since not all individuals surf the internet through them. Retail businesses flourish the most in Facebook because it has the most features available. On the other hand, Twitter enables one to tweet more updates and to answer customer concerns immediately since they can be tagged directly easily to start a new interaction. Not all may work for each individual, but having a well-thought of strategy can give great jumpstarts to their presence online.

  1. Establish identity.

Because almost everyone can access the internet, there are so many people present and things posted that distinguishing one from the other is really difficult. Making a business’ presence visible and felt if it has it is distinct from the others. All social media spaces are customizeable. Starting from Day 1, fill up all the description boxes many people ignore. Post pictures about the business, its products, founders, and any other basic information. Entrepreneurs should also do branding. Branding doesn’t only involve the aesthetic design or projected looks, but it focuses as well on the promises or take-aways a business wishes to give others. Communicating what the business is, its principles and values, can surely win the heart of many.

  1. Stay in the “Know”.

This is often translated as “being updated.” Every day, hundred millions of people spend hours in checking social media and it is best that both the company and the people are updated. Posting the latest events, discounts, products, and services daily is important for consumers to see that a business is functioning. By introducing a name or brand through pictures, videos, and articles, the more one can get the people’s attention. Being too self-centered also won’t help. Being in the know means that the entrepreneurs should share related and personal information too. Why not post motivational quotes or famous style icons? Who knows it can give one follower or liker who is a fan of that certain writer or celebrity? Know the trends, stay creative, and engage with the audience.

  1. Use all connections.

In other to get the sky-rocketing number of views, likes, subscribers, or followers, a business should first start with the immediate group of family and friends. Then expand by following celebrities and famous personalities and institutions related to nature of business. If one has accounts in other channels, make sure to link the page or site. And a golden rule in taking the business online is to always keep the page public, open for everyone, and not private. To be able to boost viewer and fan count, one can also rely on paid advertisement. This way, people can visit the profiles since they appear as suggested or recommended pages to the millions of random users. This is definitely a great way to be discovered.

Entrepreneurs and companies must understand the power of social media. By interacting with communities the smart and entertaining way, a business will definitely grow. And once a page is posted, make sure to start and sustain a positive impression from the viewers. Whether you are running an online shop or a brick-and-mortar store, social media can surely make your business stronger and more popular.